CodeHighlighter for ASP.NET

Freeware code syntax-highlighting ASP.NET web forms control

Syntax-Highlighting for Your Sites

Actipro Software has donated the CodeHighlighter ASP.NET web control to the developer community as freeware.

CodeHighlighter is a powerful source code syntax highlighting component, based on our WinForms SyntaxEditor's core object model. It makes providing syntax highlighted code samples on your web sites a trivial task.

Features at a Glance

How It Works

The code samples have a professional appearance and are easy to read. You essentially tell the ASP.NET CodeHighlighter web control what code to highlight (either by inserting it inline or by programmatically setting a Text property) and in the rendering phase of its web page it outputs the code in syntax highlighted format. Custom language definitions may be developed for the control and code outlining, line numbering, and keyword linking are even supported.