Which WPF products do you want to see Actipro bring to market?

We value your feedback and always try to drive our development based on what our customers request. So here is the chance to voice your opinion and steer the course of our development. Please rate the following product ideas based on your needs.

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1. Bars - Docking toolbars and menus similar to those in Visual Studio

2. Chart - 2-D and 3-D charts and graph of various types

3. Grid - Data grid with sorting, grouping, filtering, hierarchies, and export/import

4. Reporting - Visual designer for report building and run-time output of reports to various formats

5. Scheduling - Advanced calendar and scheduling controls similar to Outlook

6. Shell - Windows Explorer-like TreeView and ListView that provide access to the file system

7. SyntaxEditor (already available) - More enhancements and implementation of advanced language add-ons

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9. If you use WPF components from other vendors, we'd love to hear which ones and what you like about them: