Consulting Services

We receive new feature requests for our products daily and while we would like to implement them all, we have to prioritize the requests and work on the ones we deem most important first.

In some cases, a feature request is very important to a customer but might not be high on our priority list. In these scenarios, we offer consulting services where we can be paid for our development time to implement the feature immediately. When we are contracted to implement a feature, it becomes our top development priority other than bug fixes.

Product Enhancement Notes


Consulting work that includes enhancements to products is always performed on the latest codebase.

If work must be performed on an older product build's codebase, then this must be stated upfront in the consulting request, as extra time will be required to make changes to older builds.

Ownership and Release Cycle

Actipro retains sole ownership of the code and any enhancements made to the code per the consulting services.

Product enhancements are released in the official builds that follow the normal build release cycle. Actipro may be able to supply you with a preview build to ensure the enhancements function correctly per specifications.

How It Works


The first step in possibly obtaining Actipro consulting services is to make a formal consulting services request.

Actipro will review your request and may follow up with you for more detail. Following the review, if your consulting request is accepted, Actipro will provide you with an hour estimate for the work to be performed.

Work is performed at a rate of $125/hr.

Request a Quote

E-mail our support address with these details about your request:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your organization name
  • Your position
  • The Actipro product that needs enhancements
  • A summary of the requested enhancements

Order Services

If you accept the hour estimate and are ready to move forward with the consulting services, you can order the consulting services.

Order Services

Actipro will process the order and will make the work a top priority.


Please contact us if you have any questions about consulting services.