Avalonia UI Controls

A free set of themes and UI controls for building beautiful cross-platform Avalonia UI apps, along with optional advanced Pro controls for additional functionality



A free dynamic framework for managing control themes.

Actipro Themes is a complete framework for managing the themes of Actipro controls, native Avalonia UI controls, and any custom controls you may create.

User Interface Density

User Interface Density

Actipro themes supports multiple UI density options that describe how tightly controls are packed together: Spacious (most touch-friendly), Normal (balanced), and Compact (maximizes screen real estate). All XAML can make use of Actipro's theme resources and special XAML markup extensions to auto-adjust the app's UI appearance based on the current UI density level.

Modern Theme

Modern Theme

Thoughtfully crafted, beautiful dark and light themes that bring a professional appearance to your entire application.

Theme Generator

Theme Generator

There are many options available for determining how dynamically created theme resources are generated.

Reusable Assets

Reusable Assets

Theme assets, such as control themes, brushes, thicknesses, glyphs, and more that can be reused anywhere in an application.

Shared and Core Libraries

Shared and Core Libraries

A free set of common controls and useful components for Avalonia UI apps.

The Actipro Shared and Core Libraries are common control libraries referenced by all of our Avalonia UI controls. The Shared Library is specific to Avalonia UI, but the Core Library is completely UI framework agnostic. Both libraries are free products anyone can use in their applications.

Dynamic Image

Convert icons to grayscale, monochrome, or can even chromatically adapt an image's colors to render clearly on a given background.

Shadow Chrome

A decorator that renders a drop shadow around its child control, with adjustable shadow elevation level, color, and opacity.

Specialized Buttons

A CopyButton control copies specified text to the clipboard when clicked, while a ToggleThemeButton control flips between light and dark themes.

Much More

Numerous other helpful controls like a mesh gradient presenter, hyperlink text block, and many value converters are included as well.

Pro Licensing

Everything above in Themes, Shared, and Core is absolutely free! Elevate your apps with Actipro's Avalonia UI Pro licensing. Benefits include:

Advanced Controls

Use the advanced professionally designed commercial controls in our Fundamentals product.

Free New Products

One full year of free upgrades including any new products added during that timeframe. We have a lot planned.

XAML Source

See resource usage and easily customize control themes for all Actipro and native Avalonia controls in Actipro’s themes.

Source Code

Pro customers can opt for a blueprint license will full source for both Free and Pro products.



Professionally developed controls and components for building high-quality apps.

A collection of advanced controls that are useful for many different types of applications, including beautiful user prompts (MessageBox or task dialog) and a multi-column panel. New controls will be added to this library as our Avalonia UI offering grows.

Next Steps

Get Started

The best way to learn about both our Free and Pro UI controls and their features is to download and run our open-source samples. Everything you need is available on GitHub.

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Avalonia UI Pro

When your app's development team is licensed, you can distribute an app using our paid UI controls to anyone. Our purchase page helps you calculate the licensing to meet your needs.

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Online Documentation

All product documentation topics and a complete API reference are available for browsing on our web site.

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GitHub Repository

Clone our open-source repository on GitHub for the full source of the Avalonia UI Controls sample projects and documentation topics.

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NuGet Packages

Install product NuGet packages from nuget.org into any project, and easily update when new versions are released.

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