Sales FAQ

This page provides answers to frequently-asked questions about Actipro product evaluations, licenses, and purchases.

Please contact our sales department if you have any other questions and thank you for your interest in Actipro Software's products.


Are free evaluations available?

Yes, free trials are available for all of the products we sell, and can be downloaded from our download page. Product evaluations may not be used in any production application.

Are evaluations fully-functional?

Yes, we include all product features in our evaluations so that you can get a good feel for what our products can do.

In the case of media (icons) products, the evaluation consists of a sampler showing various image sizes and states, allowing you to see the quality of the images.

Can I extend an evaluation?

Yes, you may request an evaluation extension at any time by contacting us.


What sort of licensing model do Actipro's products use?

Our products are licensed by developer, and all licenses are perpetual. A developer license is required for each person working on or compiling a project that uses an Actipro product, whether they directly work with the product or not, since the entire project benefits by using the Actipro product.

License types include:

  • Developer license - Grants a single developer the right to use the licensed product in production applications and to include any files marked as redistributable with the applications. Volume discounts are available when ordering more than one developer license.
  • Site license - Provides developer licenses to all developers in an organization at a single physical location, such as an office building.
  • Enterprise license - Provides developer licenses to all developers in an organization at any of the organization's physical locations.
  • Blueprint license - An optional extra that licenses product source code to any developers who hold developer licenses for the product. Its subscription term must be kept in sync with the related developer license subscriptions. The Blueprint license has special restrictions that are indicated in the EULA for each product.

All new licenses (excluding media) come with a free subscription, which includes priority support and free upgrades for one year.

Expired subscriptions can be renewed at discounted prices to continue these benefits. Please see our Subscription Renewal Policy for more information on how to renew subscriptions.

What sort of licensing model do Actipro's add-ons use?

An add-on is a special component that adds functionality to another one of our products. While several of our add-ons are included free with their related product, some such as the SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on are premium add-ons and are sold separately from their related product and containing bundles. See each product's documentation or the add-on's web page to see which add-ons are free and which are sold separately.

Premium add-ons are licensed to developers exclusively as Enterprise licenses, but for a very reasonable price. The proper number of licenses for the add-on's related product must still be obtained. After that, any developers licensed for the add-on's related product will also be licensed to use the add-on.

Please note that you do NOT require an Enterprise license of the add-on's related product to purchase an add-on license. An add-on's Enterprise license may be purchased even if you only have a single developer license for the add-on's related product.

Is source code available?

Yes, source code is offered for our component products via an optional Blueprint license (described above).

Do versions have to stay in sync when using multiple products from a platform?

Yes, if you are using multiple individual control or add-on products from a platform, then you must keep the versions licensed and used in sync, at least when they are used within the same app.

For instance, say you licensed SyntaxEditor and a related .NET Languages Add-on. Then a year later, you wish to renew your SyntaxEditor subscription so that you can obtain new features being added, however you don't feel that you need any new features for the .NET Languages Add-on. You still must renew the add-on as well since the versions must be kept in sync. The SyntaxEditor add-ons have features that are based on a specific version of SyntaxEditor and other core libraries and thus older add-ons won't work properly with newer versions of their associated products.

Please see our Subscription Renewal Policy for more information if you have licensed individual control or add-on products at different times and would like to sync up their subscription dates.

Where can I view the license agreement for a product?

Each product has an End-User License Agreement (EULA) contained within its download. The EULA constitutes the entire agreement between you and Actipro for sale and use of the product. No other terms and conditions will be accepted, such as those added to a purchase order.

If your legal team needs to review the EULA before purchase, please download the desired product's evaluation and examine the EULA within its ZIP file or NuGet package.

Are multiple licenses required for developers that use multiple computers?

We license per developer, not per machine. If a developer works for a single organization on both a desktop and laptop, then a single developer license is sufficient. However if the developer uses an Actipro product for work as well on the developer's own personal projects, then two developer licenses are required since there are two organizations involved.

Are licenses required for build machines?

Build machines do not require their own license. Since our products are developer-licensed, you only need a license for each developer on your project.

Are there any run-time licensing fees or redistribution royalties?

No, there are no run-time licensing fees or redistribution royalties for our products. As long as you own the proper amount of developer licenses, you are all set.


Where are product prices listed?

The Pricing page shows all of our product prices, including discounts for volume license orders.

Are there volume discounts for multiple license purchases?

Yes, while we have extremely competitive prices to start with, we also provide large "volume" discounts for customers who purchase multiple licenses in an order. Our tiered pricing model provides increased percentage discounts off the normal price of each license based on the number of licenses that are ordered, allowing for up to 40% off each license.

For larger development teams, Site and Enterprise license options are available. A Site license can provide significant savings when many developers at a single location will be using a product. An Enterprise license can provide significant savings when many developers at multiple locations will be using a product.

Are there discounts for purchasing multiple products?

Yes, we offer several suites and bundles that combine together various individual products. In some cases, these bundles can provide a savings of up to 60% off over purchasing the products individually.

Can I sync up dates for license subscriptions ordered at different times?

Yes, we can sync up subscriptions at discounted prices. Please see our Subscription Renewal Policy for more information.


How do I purchase Actipro's products?

To order products via our secure online store, first add products to your shopping cart. When you are ready to order the items in your shopping cart, click that page's Checkout button and follow the easy steps to place your order.

To help prevent any delays in processing your order for additional security checks, please avoid using anonymous e-mail addresses such as ones when placing online orders, and use an e-mail address from your company if available.

We can also accept purchase orders in some cases. Contact our sales department for more information. Please note that we only provide invoices electronically.

All sales and use of our products are subject to the product's End-User License Agreement (EULA) mentioned in the Licensing section above. No custom terms and conditions will be accepted.

What credit cards are accepted?

Our secure online store accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

How long will it take to process the order?

99% of the time, we're able to process your order during the same day that you place it. We are often able to process orders extremely quickly, however please allow up to 3 days, especially if your order is placed over a holiday or weekend.

Do you have any reseller partners?

Yes, if you would prefer to purchase from a reseller instead of using our own secure online store, we work with many leading software component resellers including ComponentSource.

After Purchase

How do I obtain licenses for and download the products I purchased?

After your order is processed, you will receive an e-mail telling you to log into your account by using your e-mail address. You may have to reset your password if your account is new or you don't remember your password.

Once in your account, click the View Organization button to view the organization for which the purchase was made. On that page, go the the Purchases and Licenses tab to e-mail yourself license keys or download the purchased products.

Where can I download the latest build for a product I've purchased?

The latest builds for the product versions you've licensed are always available on the Purchases and Licenses tab of your organization pages (see previous FAQ item).

Do individual control products have their own installer?

While in some cases we do sell licenses for control products individually and apart from bundles, they are still distributed in the unified control bundle download for their platform. For instance, the SyntaxEditor WPF control is only distributed alongside all our WPF control offerings, even if you only purchase a SyntaxEditor license and not a WPF Studio license. This allows you to see all our samples and how our controls can be combined with our other control offerings, in case you wish to purchase licenses for other individual controls or upgrade to a bundle in the future.

Where can I see a product release history?

Each evaluation and full release of a product includes a list of updates made for recent builds. This list might be found in the readme file for the product, or may be included in the a Sample Browser application for the the product, if there is one.

Alternatively, the updates made for each build are posted in the Announcements forum whenever a new product build is released.

What is Actipro's return policy?

If for some reason you experience problems with a purchased product that cannot be resolved by our support staff and will prevent you from using the product, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Note that the money back guarantee does not apply when source code licenses are purchased. Please write our sales department for more information.

I purchased Actipro's products from ComponentSource, how do I get my licenses?

If you've purchased from a reseller, you may have received serial numbers that represent your purchases. You must register your purchases with our web site to obtain your license keys. Follow these steps once you obtain the serial numbers from your reseller:

  • Log into your existing account if you have one, which will ensure the purchases you just made go into your existing account instead of a new one.
  • Register your reseller purchase with Actipro Software on this page, where you enter your personal information and the serial number(s) that were provided to you by the reseller.
  • After completing the steps, you will be sent an e-mail telling you to log into your account to retrieve your license(s).
  • Follow the steps in the 'How do I obtain licenses for and download the products I purchased?' item above to obtain your license(s) and the product download(s).


Will Actipro fill out vendor assessment or other similar forms?

We are happy to fill out any reasonably simple forms that may be required to onboard Actipro as a vendor for product purchase.

We understand that our customers collect data on vendors, however please recognize that as a small company our time is one of our most valuable assets. If the forms are excessive in length or extend in scope beyond what is minimally necessary for purchase, we will be required to charge for the Administrative Services time used to fill out the forms. Examples of this include vendor assessments and compliance/security review forms. If the forms have any sort of legal ramifications, additional legal counsel costs at a much higher rate will be necessary as well.

In regards to vendor assessments, in many cases they do not apply to Actipro, such as when they are intended to gauge data processing procedures often intended for service-based vendors. Actipro is NOT a services company, and only produces off-the-shelf, self-contained user interface software components. Actipro does not produce or ship any physical products. Other than the information provided to us when purchasing our software or using our web site, all of which can be done using anonymous department email accounts to avoid submission of personal data, we do not collect or process any data on your company. Actipro does not enter or work at the premises of our customers. Actipro does not have access to any data entered into our software components within your applications, and none of our software components submit data to us or other third-parties.

Please write our sales department if you have any questions.