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The Actipro discussion forums are the place to ask questions, report problems, and submit ideas in a public area where both Actipro's support team as well as other community members may reply.

There are many product-specific forums, along with forums specifically for helping guide Actipro's future development efforts.

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WPF Controls Support

Bar Code for WPF 15
Bars for WPF 6
Charts for WPF 88
Docking/MDI for WPF 1,504
Editors for WPF 429
Gauge for WPF 110
Grids for WPF 623
Micro Charts for WPF 21
Navigation for WPF 130
Ribbon for WPF 1,095
Shell for WPF 40
SyntaxEditor for WPF 1,235
SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on for WPF 154
SyntaxEditor Python Language Add-on for WPF
Last: IntelliSense for inner class by chaya w (4 months ago)
SyntaxEditor Web Languages Add-on for WPF 40
Views for WPF 38
Wizard for WPF 104
WPF Studio, Themes, and Shared Library for WPF 419