At Actipro Software, we value our strong relationship with our customers. We provide a number of ways for customers to learn more about our product development and contribute feedback in return. And whether it be managing your account or requiring technical support, our staff and web site are ready to serve you.

Technical Support

Technical support is available through documentation, our discussion forums, and ticket system.


Easily access our extensive online documentation for many products to quickly reference the resources you need.

For those on the go or in disconnected environments, product installers can optionally install offline documentation.

Discussion Forums

For most questions, problem reports, or product feature suggestions, we urge you to use our discussion forums.

The forums are a public setting where the Actipro support staff and all customers can participate and collaborate together.

Support Tickets

For technical questions that require a degree of privacy, please use our support ticket system instead.

Support tickets can be created by e-mailing our support@ address, or managed directly on our ticket system.

More Resources

My Account

Manage your user profile, and access your licensed products and invoices.

Manage Account

Chat With Us

Customers can communicate directly with our development team.

Chat With Us

The chat mechanism is designed for customers to collaborate with us on new product feature ideas, see screenshots of work-in-progress, and talk about industry news. It is not meant for technical support on existing products.


Polls provide a place for us to gather helpful feedback from our customers.

Answer Polls

Submit poll responses to help guide our future development plans.