Privacy Policy

Actipro Software fully respects your personal privacy and has provided this Privacy Policy to transparently share how your information is collected, used, shared, and retained.

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the web site. The following paragraphs describe the industry-standard information we track that allows us to provide you with better products and services.

Last updated: 2018‑05‑23

Non-Personal Data

Certain portions of our web site collect anonymous non-personal visitor data that may include, but is not limited to, the pages you visit on our web site, visit duration, browser type, country of origin, etc. Third parties participating in collection may include:

  • Google Analytics - Data is used for informational and conversion-tracking purposes.
    The "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps" page describes how data is collected and ways to control the information that is collected. For maximum privacy, the Actipro web site does NOT participate in Google Analytics' User-ID feature, and DOES anonymize the IP address sent.
  • Microsoft Application Insights - Data is used for informational purposes and to help diagnose issues with our web site.
    The "Data collection, retention and storage in Application Insights" page describes what kinds of data may be collected. The Actipro web site uses the standard telemetry modules, which only send non-personally identifiable information.
  • Exceptionless - Data is used to help diagnose issues with our web site.
    The Actipro web site uses this service to report any rare .NET exceptions that occur within the web site's codebase.

Personal Data

A user account on our web site contains certain private and public personal information that is reasonable and expected in maintaining a product supplier to customer relationship. The user account is only created when you perform specific form-submitting actions on our web site, such as downloading a free product evaluation, purchasing licenses, etc. We do NOT collect any personal data considered to be of a sensitive nature such as religious or political affiliation.

Private Information

The user account contains private information, which includes your full name and e-mail address. This data is required since your e-mail address is used as the login mechanism for your account and the name is how you are identified to us.

After ordering an Actipro product or service, you may be associated with an organization account. The organization account represents a company, organization, or individual who has purchased product licenses or services. Organization accounts track the organization's name, postal address, phone number, web site, and Actipro purchase history. They also track one or more user account contacts who have access to the organization account. When added to an organization account, other contacts for that account will be able to see your name and e-mail address in the contacts list. Organization account information can be edited from the organization account page.

Certain portions of our web site may track your IP address, which helps us prevent against fraudulent orders.

Other private data that is only accessible to Actipro and never shared:

  • Downloads - Any product downloads that you've made, allowing us to follow-up after an evaluation period.
  • Mailing list subscriptions - Any mailing lists for which you've requested and/or confirmed a subscription.
    Subscriptions can be managed via the "Contact Preferences" portion of your My Account page.
  • Poll responses - Any polls that you've answered.
  • Shopping cart - Any products/services you've added to your shopping cart on our web site.

Public Information

Your user account's public profile is visible to other web site visitors. When a user account is first created, only your name (not private e-mail address) is copied to your public profile. The name can be customized to be different from your private profile name for anonymization, and any other optional public profile information (public e-mail address, organization, title, location, web site, signature, etc.) can be viewed/edited via your My Account page.

Other public data that is accessible to web site visitors:

Lawful Basis

We rely on a number of lawful bases to use your personal data:

  • Legitimate Interests - Used for most processing of personal data since it is required for us to manage and promote our business and may include, but is not limited to: maintaining a business relationship with our customers and potential customers, gaining insights into how our products are being used, exploring how to grow our business, providing customer support, improving product and web site reliability, and guarding against fraud.
  • Contract - Used when a customer has ordered products or services, and requires access to product downloads/licenses and appropriate customer support.
  • Legal - Used when processing is necessary for us to comply with the law.
  • Consent - Used for newsletter communication where an opt-in is required. Consent can always be revoked.

Sharing with Third Parties

Any private personal information submitted to us such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, etc. will NOT be released, sold, or rented to any third-party individual or company for their promotional purposes and is kept strictly internal to Actipro Software.

Actipro may share the minimum information necessary for other companies working on Actipro's behalf to perform tasks requested by us that may include, but is not limited to:

  • Credit card orders - When you place a credit card order on our web site, our merchant service requires some personal information such as name, address, etc. to process the credit card order transaction. We do NOT retain any credit card billing information.
  • E-mails - When we send you an e-mail, we must provide your name and e-mail address as a recipient.


Actipro may occasionally send you newsletter e-mail communication if you have completed the subscription process to a mailing list, under the "Contact Preferences" portion of your My Account page. You may unsubscribe from mailing lists on that same page.

For those with an Actipro user account, some e-mail communication is not subject to unsubscribe requests. This may include, but is not limited to communication related to product downloads, download follow-ups, sales transactions, licenses, subscription expiration notifications, and support responses/notifications.

Retention and Disposal

Actipro retains personal data for so long as it is necessary to provide you with products or services, relevant to the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, required to comply with our legal obligations, or to the extent permitted by law.

When requested, Actipro will dispose your personal data in a manner designed to ensure that your identify cannot be reconstructed or read. This process may involve data anonymization, deletion, or other appropriate steps. Please note that in some cases, a complete removal of your data may not be possible. For instance, purchase-related data must be kept for legal and financial audit purposes, and discussion forum post content will be retained but displayed with an anonymized name as the author. Data may persist in copies made for backup and business continuity purposes for additional time.

If you wish to dispose your personal data and exercise your right to be forgotten, please e-mail us and state your need and contact information.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The Actipro web site uses an encryption protocol named SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to handle all data transferred over the Internet. This method is an industry standard for protecting the privacy and integrity of transferred personal information. SSL is enforced on all our web pages, thereby protecting any and all personal information that is transmitted.

Data Processing and Storage

Actipro Software is based in the United States. The Actipro web site and all of its data is securely stored on servers within the United States of America. No matter where you are located, you consent to the processing and transferring of your personal data in and to the United States, which may have privacy laws that are different from those in your country of residence.


Cookies are pieces of data that web sites can set on your device to be read on future visits. The Actipro web site may use cookies for technical purposes to improve the web site experience.

  • Cookies are used for tracking user account access, some of which are removed when your browsing session ends and others when you log out of a user account.
  • When you add Actipro products to the web site shopping cart, a cookie is used to track the items. This cookie is removed when you empty your shopping cart.
  • This Google Analytics page describes how to prevent data collection from their service.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may periodically review and revise this Privacy Policy to ensure it remains consistent with company practices. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be accompanied with a new "last updated" date at the top. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice, so please review it frequently. Your continued use of the web site after any changes to this Privacy Policy shall indicate your agreement with the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.


If you have any concerns about Actipro Software's treatment of your privacy, please contact us. See our Policy List to view other Actipro policies.