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Our beautiful high-quality raster images will make your application's user interface shine.

Office Styles

The icons bundles come in two main Office-like styles. The Metro bundles have a flat theme similar to newer Office versions, and the classic bundles are more colorful and use full gradients.

Multiple Sizes/States

Each of the icon bundles features many icon designs. The 'essentials' bundles come in sizes from 16x16 all the way up to 64x64 and have multiple states (normal, hot, disabled) for each.

Pixel-Perfect Quality

Every single one of our icons has been designed at a large scale and then scaled down and individually adjusted at the pixel level to get them looking crisp and clear in the smaller sizes.

Next Steps

Free Evaluation

The best way to learn about our professionally-designed icons is to download a free sampler. The sampler includes a selection of sample icons to show sizes and quality.

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Do you have any licensing or sales questions? Do you have a technical question while evaluating? Please contact us so that our friendly staff can assist you.

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When your app's development team is licensed, you can distribute an app using our royalty-free icons to anyone. Our purchase page helps you calculate the licensing to meet your needs.

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