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Posted 23 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Actipro Software is pleased to announce the release of a blockbuster new version of Spider Writer, version 5.0!

New Feature List

Windows 2000 look and feel
Drag-and-drop dockable sidebars
Drag-and-drop dockable customizable toolbars
Tabbed toolbar dropzone
Customizable icon menus
Customizable hotkeys
Full screen mode
Color dialog completely redesigned, allowing for custom palettes
Instant syntax highlighting of HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript,
Fully configurable syntax highlighting schemes
Multiple undo/redo
Editor toolbar, line numbers, bookmarks, and control character display
IntelliPrompt displays popups for HTML tags, attributes, CSS properties
ASP objects, JavaScript objects, and the DHTML object model
IntelliPrompt tooltips
IntelliBrowse (browser auto-refresh for real time viewing)
LiveSpell - automatic spell checking as you type
AutoReplace - automatically replaces keywords with other specified
text as you type
Compress tags
New document templates for HTML, ASP, XML, and CSS
Option to automatically convert extended characters into entities as
you type
Syntax checking now uses the HTMLTidy engine, which focuses on W3C
Convert HTML documents to XHTML
New find/replace and extended find/replace windows, both with regular
expression searching
Multiple new goto options such as goto line number and goto BODY tag
New enhanced Settings dialog
100's of new button templates
Rulers and resolutions for Design view
Convert tags to upper and lowercase
RTF to HTML converter
XML validator
Thesaurus (if Microsoft Word installed)
Find matching symbol
Return from Design view to Document Source view attempts to locate the
selection from Design
Can apply startup document settings to the New Document command
Editor background color selection in settings
Hooks for TopStyle Style Editor
New Edit Image Map command when you right click on an image map tag -
opens Image Mapper for editing
New Edit Style Sheet command when you right click on a style sheet -
opens TopStyle for editing
Click on tag description in statusbar to get tag help
Window menu displays open documents
Tidy settings dialog and ability to quickly run HTMLTidy based on
user-defined configurations
Paste from past clipboard text
Connect to ODBC, Jet, SQL Server, and Oracle databases
List stored procedures, procedure parameters, tables, table columns,
views, and view columns of databases
FTP client updated
* New folders tree interface
* Keep connection alive with NOOPs
* Change remote file permissions
Tag dialogs for window-based editing of tags
Project Properties dialog
* Specify a root URL
* Force Spider Writer to route browses through the root URL
SQL Query Builder
Open Rows command on Environment sidebar to instantly view table or
view rows
XML document tags show attributes in Attributes sidebar
Visual SourceSafe integration on Environment sidebar
Syntax Editor application

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