DockableWindow/TabStripPanel 2.00.0195 Maintenance Release

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Posted 21 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release of DockableWindow/TabStripPanel has been made available.
DockableWindow updates include:
    <li>Added GetNextWorkspaceWindow and GetPreviousWorkspaceWindow methods to DWManager.
    <li>Created a workaround to stop the .NET Framework 1.1 from causing DockableWindow to lock up in certain docking operations.
    <li>Changed context menus so that they all fire on mouse up. Some were firing on mouse down which was causing mouse capture issues.
    <li>Fixed bug where failed layout loads, followed by a call to ClearLayout were causing an exception.
    <li>Fixed bug where deactivated event didn't fire for tool windows when there are multiple tabs in a tool window container.
TabStripPanel updates include:
    <li>In selected tab change, moved code that hides the currently selected tab's child control to after the point where the new selected tab's child control is displayed to prevent flicker.
Owners of DockableWindow and/or TabStripPanel 2.00 can upgrade to this version for free by re-downloading the 2.00 full version from the Customer Relations pages.

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