WPF Studio 3.0.0405 Maintenance Release

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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A huge new maintenance release for WPF Studio is now available.

Ribbon Updates

  • Added the ColorPickerGallery control and ColorPickerGalleryItemLayoutBehavior enumeration, together providing an Office-like color selection gallery control that supports categorization, auto-generation of lighter/darker shades, selection, filtering, and more.
  • Added a complete framework for end user run-time customization of the Quick Access ToolBar, including context menu options, common QAT items menu items, a Customize QAT dialog with full source, and more.
  • Added the Ribbon.QuickAccessToolBarCommonItems collection, which is the collection of items that appears on the QAT's Customize menu.
  • Added the Ribbon.IsQuickAccessToolBarCustomizationEnabled property.
  • Added the CloneService class, which manages the clones of existing controls that are added to the QAT.
  • Added the CommonControlType enumeration.
  • Added the RibbonControlCustomizationCategory and RibbonControlReference classes in the new ActiproSoftware.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.Customization namespace, both of which are used when implementing a Customize QAT dialog.
  • Added the SerializeQuickAccessToolBarItems and DeserializeQuickAccessToolBarItems methods to the Ribbon class. Use these to save and load the customized items in the QAT between application sessions.
  • Added the RibbonControlPathList, RibbonControlPath, and RibbonControlPathItem classes in the new ActiproSoftware.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.Customization namespace, which are used for persisting QAT items.
  • Added the RibbonControlService.ID property (and ID property on ribbon control base classes) which can be used to identify a control. For QAT customization purposes, two controls of the same type with the same ID are considered the same control.
  • Added the AddToQuickAccessToolBar and RemoveFromQuickAccessToolBar properties to the RibbonCommands class.
  • Added the Checked, Indeterminate, and Unchecked events to ButtonBase.
  • Added the IsThreeState property to CheckBox and RadioButton.
  • Added the ButtonBase.ImageSourceSmallSize property, allowing control over the size of the image in Medium, Small, and Collapsed variants.
  • Added the PopupButtonBase.AutoDisableWhenPopupContentIsDisabled property that controls whether PopupButtons and SplitButtons are disabled when their child items are disabled. The default is true.
  • Added several new properties to the RibbonUIStrings class.
  • Changed the PopupControlService to not attach to input events when in design-mode.
  • Updated large buttons to help prevent possible image blurring.
  • Updated the rendering of button drop-down arrows so they use the disabled forecolor when the button is disabled.
  • Tweaked gallery code so that when preview is active and an item is clicked, no CancelPreview action will be sent to the command handler, only Commit will.
  • Moved the ItemRoutedEventArgs and ItemRoutedEventHandler classes to the Shared library in the ActiproSoftware.Windows namespace.
  • Fixed a bug where a RibbonWindow maximized in Vista when glass is active and the Windows taskbar is docked on the top or left sides of the monitor would be positioned incorrectly.
  • Added a fully functional Customize QAT dialog to the Ribbon's DocumentEditor Demo.
  • Added QuickStarts for Customizing the QAT and Gallery Color Pickers.
  • Made major improvements in layouts for large font mode.

Wizard Updates

  • Added a new Slide Show demo to the Sample Browser, showing how Wizard can be used to present WPF-based interactive slide show presentations.

Shared Library Updates

  • Added the Serialize and Deserialize methods to RecentDocumentManager, allowing for persistence to an XML string.
  • Added the RecentDocumentManager.GetDocumentReference method, which can be used to find an existing document reference in the Documents collection with a specified Uri.
  • Added the RecentDocumentManager.NotifyDocumentOpened method, which is a helper method for quickly notifying an existing document reference (based on Uri) to update its last-opened date/time, and will create a simple DocumentReference if there is no existing document reference.
  • Added the DocumentReferenceCollection and ReadOnlyDocumentReferenceCollection classes and changed RecentDocumentManager to use those.
  • Added the Tag property to the IDocumentReference interface and DocumentReference classes.
  • Added the ColorSchemeType enumeration to the ActiproSoftware.Windows.Media namespace.

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