Spider Writer 5.01

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Posted 23 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Spider Writer 5.01 has just been released. Here's a list of what's new...

New Features

Check for modified documents when returning focus to main window
Type library references in Script Outline sidebar
Result set quick query added to Environment sidebar
Common font faces made configurable using fontspec.dat file
IMG tag editing in Design view
Strip Tags features can operate only on current text selection
Create new folder and remove folder commands on Files sidebar
Print Setup - Selection option allowed
New global.asa document template
ASP Toolbar Response.Write improved to account for quotes and line breaks
ASP Toolbar Request.Form and Request.QueryString added to drop-down menu from Request command
Multi-monitor support

Bugs Fixed

Stopped AutoBackup from changing view to Document Source
Fixed problem with projects created on folders using UNC paths
Prevent Design view document blanking on documents it couldn't load successfully
Fixed find/replace all looping under certain conditions
Updated XML parser code that is used to load data files (some users didn't have the old parser on their system)
Print Setup printer selection fixed
Fixed registration problems for Windows systems using wide characters

Actipro Software Support