SyntaxEditor 1.0.0040 Maintenance Release

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Posted 21 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. This maintenance release includes complete restructure of the internal modification process flow and several bug fixes. It is recommended that all customers obtain it. Several interface changes have been made as well.

Changes include:
    <li>Added view-splitting Window menu commands to sample application.
    <li>Improved internal structures and process flow to use new event-driven text change model.
    <li>Added TextChanging event.
    <li>TextChanged event now uses a redesigned DocumentModificationEventArgs.
    <li>Altered the undo/redo system to use DocumentModifications for tracking.
    <li>All undo-related objects with the term "Action" in their names have been renamed to "Modification".
    <li>UndoableActionType enumeration renamed to DocumentModificationType.
    <li>Renamed the HorizontalSplitPosition and VerticalSplitPosition properties on Document.
    <li>Renamed the HorizontalScrollBarLargeChangeCore, HorizontalScrollBarSmallChangeCore, HorizontalSplitPositionCore, HorizontalSplitterBoundsCore, IsDraggingHorizontalSplitterCore, IsDraggingVerticalSplitterCore, VerticalScrollBarLargeChangeCore, VerticalScrollBarSmallChangeCore, VerticalSplitPositionCore, VerticalSplitterBoundsCore properties on UIViewSplitter.
    <li>Renamed the HorizontalScrollBarLargeChange, HorizontalScrollBarMaximum, HorizontalScrollBarMinimum, HorizontalScrollBarSmallChange, HorizontalScrollBarValue, HorizontalScrollBarVisible, VerticalScrollBarLargeChange, VerticalScrollBarMaximum, VerticalScrollBarMinimum, VerticalScrollBarSmallChange, VerticalScrollBarValue properties and the HorizontalScrollBarValueChanged and VerticalScrollBarValueChanged events on UIViewSplitterViewInfo.
    <li>Renamed the misnamed Line.UserDraw property to UserData.
    <li>Fixed bug where non-focused views were not repainting correctly when the focused view was changed.
    <li>Fixed bug that would not set focus back to the primary view when a secondary view was closed.
    <li>Fixed bug where the license information stored in a production build's executable would generate a crypto exception on certain workstations.

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