WPF Studio 4.5.0487 Maintenance Release

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. This is most likely the last v4.5 maintenance release before v5.0 comes out.

Updates include:


  • Added a new QuickStart to demonstrate the complete programmatic creation of a layout.
  • Updated layout serialization so that the previously selected tool windows in tool window containers are reselected when the layout loads.
  • Updated standard MDI so that StandardMdiHost.AreWindowsMaximized can be set properly in XAML.
  • Tweaked layout code.
  • Added code to prevent a tool window transition animation when restoring from auto-hide to docked state.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of tabbed MDI in a nested scenario within a parent document window could show the wrong documents in the active files menu.
  • Fixed a bug where nested DockSites could allow a tool window to close when its CanClose was false.
  • Fixed a bug where docking a ToolWindowContainer in inner-fill mode could sometimes cause its tool windows to disappear until the next arrange cycle.


  • Fixed a bug where the NavigationBar would change the SelectedPane property after the SelectionChanged event was fired instead of before..
  • Fixed issue with using default TextBox context menu in Breadcrumb control when in editing mode.


  • Added ability to set MiscCategoryTitle to null, which indicates uncategorized properties should not be put in a miscellaneous category.
  • Fixed issue where ITypeDescriptorContext was not be passed to TypeConverter.GetProperties method.
  • BREAK: Updated ITypeDescriptorContext support to more closely duplicate the WinForms PropertyGrid, specifically the Instance value.
  • Fixed issue where changes to PropertyGridPropertyItem.IsReadOnly were not updating the property editor.


  • Updated contextual tabs so that they respond to having their Selector.IsSelected property set.
  • Updated contextual tabs so that when clicked, they raise their command, if any, select their first tab and also raise its command, if any.
  • Updated the application menu footer button template.
  • Updated the SplitButton control so that Alt+Down will display its popup.
  • Updated the PopupButton and SplitButton to use commands for popup display. SplitButton.PopupCommand property added.
  • Added a MiniToolBarService.NotifyMouseMove method that can be manually called if the mouse is over an interop control, so that the mini-toolbar responds appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where footer buttons weren't logical children of the application menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the QAT items could be clipped after using the More Commands option in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with screen tips for disabled controls.
  • Fixed a bug where popup galleries may not properly size to the initial column count in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where clipping could occur incorrectly when resizing a RibbonWindow where glass is inactive and drag full windows is off.

Shared Library

  • Added a DateTimePicker.RefreshMonthCalendar method.
  • Fixed a bug where a standalone MonthCalendar could steal focus if is SelectedDate property was changed.
  • Added the SystemParameters Browser utility to the downloadable Sample Browser.
  • Updated the licensing nag screen.
  • Added the EnumDescriptionConverter value converter, which allows enumeration values to use the DescriptionAttribute to present friendlier names.
  • Added DelegateTransitionSelector class, which can be used to quickly build custom transition selection logic for use with TransitionPresenter and ToggleTransitionPresenter.
  • Added IsTransitioningSuspended property to TransitionPresenter and ToggleTransitionPresenter, which can be used to suspend the animation effect.
  • Fixed an issue with TransitionPresenter, where an exception could be raised when changing ContentTemplate/ContentTemplateSelector during an active transition.
  • Fixed an issue with TransitionPresenter, where the TransitionSelector would be bypassed if Content, ContentTemplate, or ContentTemplateSelector were changed during an active transition.

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