SyntaxEditor 1.0.0046 Maintenance Release

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Posted 21 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. It adds a new VB.NET test project, numerous small enhancements and bug fixes. It is recommended that all customers obtain it.
Changes include:
    <li> Added a VB.NET sample test application.
    <li> Added the SyntaxEditor.IndentationGuideColor property.
    <li> Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.AddRange method.
    <li> Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.AllowedCharacters property to control which characters do not dismiss the list.
    <li> Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.Sorted method.
    <li> IntelliPrompt MemberList can now display without the use of an ImageList.
    <li> Added the EditorView.CurrentCharacter property.
    <li> Added CanRedo and CanUndo properties to the UndoRedo class.
    <li> Added GetWordRange and GetWordText methods to the Document class.
    <li> Lexical parser modified to set the language and state indices of the end-of-document character.
    <li> OnKeyPress modified to stop its default processing if the Handled property of its event arguments has been set.
    <li> Added code to make Ctrl+click select the word that is clicked.
    <li> Added code to make right-clicks in the text area move the caret as long as the right-click is not within the selection.
    <li> Changed IntelliPrompt QuickInfo so that the Show method doesn't automatically offset the specified location by the cursor size. Instead, the IntelliPromptQuickInfoRequested event argument's Location property is offset by the cursor size.
    <li> Changed SyntaxEditor.AllowDrop to default to false.
    <li> Fixed bug introduced in a previous version in which UndoableModificationStack.GetName was returning names from modifications in reverse order.
    <li> Fixed bug that sometimes raised a GDI error when the editor was disposed.
    <li> Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent the editor from painting once the control had been hidden.
    <li> Fixed bug introduced in a previous version where span indicator tracking was corrupted when replace operations occurred before the indicators.

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