WPF Studio 2009.1 build 0504 Maintenance Release

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available, adding some major new functionality. DataGrid is a new product area and SyntaxEditor receives some big new features.


  • First product release.


  • Added CanLoadToolWindowTitles property to DockSiteLayoutSerializer so that the Binding statements on the tool window titles can be preserved.
  • Changed default value for Focusable property to false for TitleBarButton.
  • Fixed an issue with focusing controls that implement IKeyboardInputSink in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with activating standard MDI windows that didn't have focusable content.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-hide flyouts when UseHostedAutoHidePopups was false would not update the DockSite.ActiveWindow property.


  • Added styles for use with MaskedTextBox and TextBox to remove unnecessary visuals when used inline, such as with Parts.
  • BREAK: Removed unused scrolling support from PartGroup.
  • BREAK: Removed Border elements from default styles for Parts to reduce memory and load times.
  • BREAK: Removed used CaretLayer.IsBlinkingEnabled property so loading could be optimized.
  • Fixed permission issue with PropertyGrid Integration (Interop) demo when used in XBAP.
  • Fixed issue with caret rendering across pixel boundry.
  • Added alpha properties of BrushEditBox and ColorEditBox to PropertyGrid Interop.
  • Added PromptIndicatorVisibility property to PartEditBox (and thus it's derivations), which can be used to customize the prompts displayed by any MaskedTextBox controls used in the control.
  • Added NextViewButtonStyle and PreviousViewButtonStyle properites to the MonthCalendar and CalendarViewTitleBar controls.
  • Added IsToday property to the DayItem control.
  • Added IsWeekend property to the DayOfWeekItem control.
  • Fixed issue where DateTimeEditBox drop-down would close prematurely when used in a PropertyGrid.
  • Fixed issue with spinning DateTimeEditBox values when value is DateTime.MinValue or DateTime.MaxValue.


  • BREAK: Fixed a bug where the NavigationBar may not lay out correct in a certain scenario when used in a DockPanel.


  • Added AreDefaultSortDescriptionsEnabled property to PropertyGrid, which can be used to remove default sort descriptions.
  • Added a QuickStart that shows how to customize the expansion indicators used by the PropertyGrid.
  • Added a QuickStart that shows how to set the focus to various properties and categories.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reset command could still be executed on read-only properties.
  • Fixed an issue where MiscCategoryTitle was not being correctly used in certain cases.


  • Changed the mini-toolbar so that mouse wheels over contained ComboBox controls will not close it.
  • Tweaked contextual tab group rendering to look correct on Windows 7 when the RibbonWindow was maximized.
  • Fixed a couple issues with key tip display.
  • Fixed an issue where button StaysOpenOnClick options weren't being handled properly in context menus.
  • Fixed issue with maximizing RibbonWindow on a secondary monitor, when the primary monitor is running at a different resoultion.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in build 501 where RibbonWindow could cover the taskbar when initially maximized.
  • Fixed a bug where RibbonWindow would show the system menu in Windows 7 when the top left of the application button was clicked.


  • Updated the Oslo Dataflow (MGrammar) add-on so that it supports asynchronous parsing calls that return an AST and errors list. Updated the MGrammar sample project to demo the new functionality.
  • Added a new ANTLR add-on and sample project that shows how to call ANTLR parsers asynchronously from a language using the SyntaxEditor parsing framework.
  • Added the IParseError, ParseError, and ParseErrorLevel types.
  • Added the ICompletionSession.CanFilterUnmatchedItems property that enables functionality to dynamically shrink the list to only display items that can match typed text. Updated the IntelliPrompt Completion Filtering QuickStart to demo the new feature.
  • Improved the speed of the completion item matchers.
  • Added detailed hit testing capabilities via the new SyntaxEditor.HitTest method. Added the related IHitTestResult class and HitTestResultType enumeration.
  • Added a new Hit Testing QuickStart that demos hit testing and how to interpret results.
  • Added the IEditorView.Margins and IPrinterView.Margins collections that contain the active margins for the views.
  • Updated the LocationToPosition method's handling of the Absolute algorithm.
  • Changed the IEditorViewMarginCollection and IPrinterViewMarginCollection interfaces and implementation classes to be based on IKeyedObservableCollection.
  • Added the DynamicLexicalState.DefaultCaseSensitivity property, and changed the DynamicLexicalPatternGroup.CaseSensitivity property to be nullable. Thus a default value can be set on the state, of which the pattern groups inherit, unless overridden.
  • BREAK: Simplified IHighlightingStyle by removing the Key property (it was not needed by the framework since classification types have keys). Key parameter removed from HighlightingStyle constructors.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic XML definitions weren't loading bold/italic settings.
  • BREAK: Updated dynamic lexer macros so that they can reference other custom dynamic lexer macros.
  • Updated the completion list so that it auto-sizes width to its longest item when displayed.
  • Updated the context menu to be built via code instead of set via a Style.
  • Fixed a bug where a memory leak could occur when using quick info.
  • Fixed a bug in the wildcard search pattern provider when dealing with [...] options.
  • Fixed a bug with the ITextSnapshotReader logic when reading tokens backward.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection sometimes couldn't be updated before the SyntaxEditor had been loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where Unicode characters may not export to RTF correctly.

Shared Library

  • Updated ThemeManager to insert new merged ResourceDictionary objects at the start of the MergedDictionaries instead of at the end, allowing existing user-created dictionaries to override entries in the merged ones.
  • Updated XmlSerializerBase to cache the XmlSerializer it uses.
  • Fixed issue with using PopupContentTemplate/PopupContentTemplateSelector in PopupButton when PopupContent was not set.
  • Fixed issue with IsEnabled property of the ToggleTransitionPresenter's content not being updated correctly in certain scenarios.

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