Small Issue with Visible Line after Stopping Automatic Outli

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Posted 19 years ago by Boyd - Sr. Software Developer, Patterson Consulting, LLC
I've noticed a small issue when you turn off automatic outlining. If you had a lot of collpased nodes when you turned off automatic outlining and your cursor was a the bottom of your document, the current line will not be visible after outlining is turned off. It appears you should call an EnsureVisible method on the document line after turning off outlining to make sure the screen adjusts properly.

This is easy enough to duplicate in the Sample Application. Launch the sample with C# code and collapse the namespace node. Position your caret after the collapsed region. Now use the Outlining Menu to stop outlining.

You'll notice by the status bar that the caret is still located on Line 57, but that line is now out of view.

The latest build of this product (v24.1.0) was released 5 months ago, which was after this thread was created.

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