WPF Studio 2010.1 build 0522 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. The evaluation period has been increased to 30 days and several new controls were added. Updates include:


  • Updated to allow a window to be dragged immediately, instead of waiting until mouse has moved out of the title bar area.
  • Fixed issue with saving and loading floating ToolWindowContainers.
  • Fixed issue with restoring windows to previous location when the associated track object was manually removed.


  • Added new CountryComboBox control.
  • Added new CurrencyComboBox control.
  • Added styles for native ComboBox controls.
  • Added styles for native TextBox controls.
  • Added new QuickStart to show new styles for native ComboBox controls.
  • Added new QuickStart to show new CountryComboBox control.
  • Added new QuickStart to show new CurrencyComboBox control.
  • Fixed issue with loading Royale theme not being loaded by default to match system theme.


  • Made PropertyEditor.GetMatchOrder virtual to allow customization of property editor priority.


  • Improved RibbonGallery so that it properly scrolls to the selected item when the selected item is updated from a bound PopupGallery.
  • Updated screen tips to show only if the Window is active.
  • Updated how non-editable ComboBox controls process selection changes when the drop-down is hidden.
  • Fixed a theme issue introduced in 2010.1 where the Slider +/- buttons used incorrect state brushes.
  • Fixed automation support for ApplicationMenu which wasn't showing recent documents or footer buttons.
  • Fixed issues with JAWS screen reader not working properly with contextual tabs or root application menu items.


  • Added sample language projects/definitions for the C, C++, and RTF languages.
  • Improved the completion list item measuring speed by about 400%.
  • Fixed a bug where focus couldn't be set via mouse click if macro recording was on.


  • BREAK: Updated ZapPanel to automatically bind FocalIndex to Selector.SelectedIndex when used as an items host.

Shared Library

  • Extended the evaluation period to 30 days.
  • Added option to StringFormatConverter to allow null to be returned when value(s) passed is null.
  • Fixed issue with PopupButton closing then immediately opening popup.
  • BREAK: Changed RoundToEven and RoundToOdd behavior to round whole negative numbers away from zero.

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