WPF Studio 2010.1 build 0523 Maintenance Release

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for WPF Studio 2010.1 is now available. Updates include:


  • BREAK: Updated automation to more closely mimic Visual Studio and to work around issue with AutomationElement.FromPoint.
  • Fixed issue with MouseDown event being fired on elements after resizing rafting window.
  • Fixed issue with items on switcher dialogs not having automation names.
  • Fixed issue with passing focus to Interop controls when selecting document/tool tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where the min size of rafting windows wasn't set properly.
  • Fixed issue where the DataContext of ToolWindowContainer children may not be properly inherited after hiding and redocking.
  • Fixed issue with context menus opening on RightMouseButtonDown, instead of RightMouseButtonUp event.
  • Fixed issue with deserializing rafted windows during startup before main window is loaded.
  • Fixed issue with WindowOpened event firing twice.


  • Added new CountryCurrencyMapping type that provides data about which countries use which currencies, and a new QuickStart to demo the data.
  • Added new EnumSortComparer property to EnumEditBox and EnumListBox to support custom sorting.
  • BREAK: Removed default alphabetic sorting of enumeration values in EnumEditBox and EnumListBox to support custom sorting.
  • Added CommandParameter option to Spinner control.
  • Added new QuickStart to show new custom sorting support added to EnumEditBox and EnumListBox.
  • Fixed potential exception when running MonthCalendar against .NET 4.0 runtime.
  • Fixed potential exception in PartEditBox and its derivations when a non-visual, such as Hyperlink, has the keyboard focus.
  • Fixed issue with PartEditBox and its derivations where it would needlessly update the binding source when the associated window was closing.
  • Fixed issue with PartEditBox and its derivations stealing mouse wheel events.


  • Added ValueChanging event to circular and linear pointers to allow value to be easily customized (must set IsValueChangingEventRaised to true).
  • Fixed issue with using interval of 1 for logarithmic scales.


  • Added support for new AnimatedExpander.HeaderContextMenu property to AnimatedExpander styles used with NavigationBar.
  • Updated ZoomContentControl slider so the value of the default zoom (i.e. 100%) is centered.
  • Added ability to specify zoom level stops for use when zooming in and out incrementally in ZoomContentControl.
  • Added new QuickStart to demonstrate new zoom level stops feature of ZoomContentControl.
  • Fixed issue with using keyboard navigation with Breadcrumb drop-down list.


  • Updated WinForms PropertyGrid Functionality QuickStart to show how to add button to name cells as seen in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fixed issue in .NET 4.0 where the data context of PropertyGridCategoryItem and PropertyGridPropertyItem would be wiped out.


  • Updated QAT to use Office 2007 style when UseScenicLayout is false.
  • Updated ApplicationButton to ensure it is always enabled, even when none of its child content is.
  • Fixed a clip region issue when not using glass and restoring RibbonWindow from a minimized state.
  • Fixed blurriness on the RibbonWindow icon.
  • Fixed an issue where theme changes could sometimes cause the application menu to display in the wrong location.
  • Fixed issues with JAWS screen reader not working properly with pin button for recent document items.


  • BREAK: Updated the Oslo Dataflow add-on to work with the latest 'SQL Server Modeling CTP Nov 2009 Release 3' version.
  • Added a new Read-Only Documents QuickStart.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.DocumentIsReadOnlyChanged event.
  • Added several more properties to EditCommands, such as Undo and Redo.
  • BREAK: Changed TextViewTextAreaLayoutEventArgs to inherit EventArgs instead of RoutedEventArgs. This change improves the ITextView.TextAreaLayout event performance.
  • Improved Language Designer pattern validation.
  • Fixed a bug where classifications with styled background colors could alter foreground colors in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic languages that used multi-threaded range-based outlining could throw an index out of range exception in a certain scenario.


  • Fixed UI automation issue when running Wizard against .NET 4.0 runtime.

Shared Library

  • Added IsPreviewMouseDownHandled option to PopupButton to handle preview mouse down events to work around issue with TreeViewItem stealing focus.
  • Added AnimatedExpander.HeaderContextMenu property, which allows a context menu to be assigned to the header portion only.
  • Updated DateTimePicker's embedded TextBox to pick up the ContextMenu setting from the DateTimePicker.
  • Fixed an issue with DateTimePicker/MonthCalendar next and previous month/year buttons when using minimum or maximum dates.

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