SyntaxEditor 1.0.0064 Maintenance Release

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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. It is highly recommended that all customers download this new release. It adds a number of new features.

Changes include:
    <li>Rewrote the drag/drop code so that it uses the .NET drag/drop event model. SyntaxEditor can now drag text to other text controls and accept text from other controls.
    <li>Added UnicodeEnabled property that allows full Unicode support for clipboard and drag/drop operations. If your application should have extended Unicode character support, set this property to true.
    <li>Added an overload of IntelliPromptMemberList.Show that initializes the member list so that existing text can be treated as if the user had typed it while the list was open.
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptMemberListClosed event which allows for possible display of another member list after a member list is closed and auto-completion occurs.
    <li>Greatly improved the loading speed of Quick Info and Info Tips so that even longer text loads almost instantly.
    <li>Changed SmartIndent so that it will use spaces if SyntaxEditor.ConvertTabsToSpaces is set.
    <li>BREAK: Changed auto-replace triggers so that they fire before the KeyPress event occurs instead of after it. This allows Enter and Tab to be activator characters however now the text that is typed is not entered into the document until after the Trigger event occurs.
    <li>Added functionality where a mouse click on selected text that does not start a drag will collapse the selection to the offset that was clicked.
    <li>Fixed minor bug with selection sliding in unfocused views when text is inserted before the selection.
    <li>Fixed bug where changing the font would sometimes not cause the scrollbars to update their maximums appropriately.

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