SyntaxEditor 2.0.0103 Maintenance Release

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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A big maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. It is highly recommended that all customers download this new release.

Changes include:
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.AddReflectionForAssemblyNamespacesAndTypes method to add namespaces for the specified assemblies.
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptNamespaceAndTypeFlags enumeration.
    <li>Added code to the sample applications that use the new member list reflection for namespaces and types.
    <li>BREAK: Renamed the TokenStream class to TokenCollection since it really is a collection and not a true stream.
    <li>BREAK: Renamed the Document.TokenStream property to Document.Tokens.
    <li>Created a new TokenStream class that can be used to iterate through the Tokens in a Document and retain a position.
    <li>Added the Document.GetTokenStream method.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the SemanticDefaultParser.GetTokenOutliningAction interface to use the new TokenStream. The TokenStream will be positioned at the Token requiring outlining data. The Document can be obtained as a property of the TokenStream object.
    <li>Added new GoToNextToken and GoToPreviousToken overloads to the TextStream class that move a specified number of Tokens.
    <li>BREAK: Hid the BasicGoToNextToken and BasicGoToPreviousToken methods in TextStream since they are intended for internal use only.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the base class of IntelliPrompt to be DisposableObject.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the base class of AutoReplaceEntry, FindReplaceOptions, Selection and TextStream to be SelfDescribingObjectBase.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the base class of AutoReplaceEntryCollection and FindReplaceResultSet to be ReadOnlyCollectionBase.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the base class of FindReplace to be Object.
    <li>Updated the SyntaxEditor.ReflectionImageList to use the new 256-color Whidbey icons.
    <li>Added new icons to the SyntaxEditor.ReflectionImageList.
    <li>Updated sample apps to use the new icons in the SyntaxEditor.ReflectionImageList.
    <li>Disabled smooth scrolling in the member list.
    <li>Added a delay when displaying the member list description tip.
    <li>Changed Info Tip so that it closes when the ENTER key is pressed.
    <li>Added code so that \n characters in a lexical pattern group can designate a content divider.
    <li>Fixed a bug in the HTML language definition.
    <li>Enhanced the SQL language definition for regions.
    <li>Made minor tweak to several language definitions to remove DefaultState as a child state of DefaultState.
    <li>Changed numerous collections so that using the key-based indexer returns null instead of throwing an exception when an invalid key is passed.
    <li>Added a "Re-use SyntaxLanguage Instances" section to the "Optimization" topic in the documentation.
    <li>Added a "Using the Reflection ImageList" section to the "IntelliPrompt Member List" topic in the documentation.
    <li>Added a "Using the AddReflectionForAssemblyNamespacesAndTypes Helper Method" section to the "IntelliPrompt Member List" topic in the documentation.
    <li>Added a "Using the AddReflectionForTypeMembers Helper Method" section to the "IntelliPrompt Member List" topic in the documentation.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the end-of-document token was not assigned the correct state and always had a value of DefaultState.
    <li>Fixed a couple minor bugs in the lexical parser and outlining.
    <li>Changed auto-replace so that it operates on tokenized words.
    <li>Made another tweak to the clipboard copy routines to work around a .NET framework bug with copying to the clipboard.

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