SyntaxEditor 2.0.0106 Maintenance Release

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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. Changes include:
    <li>Add an INI file language definition.
    <li>Added the SyntaxEditor.BorderColor property to set the color of the border around the control.
    <li>Added the SyntaxEditor.LexicalParserLineLookBehind property to control how many lines back the lexical parser must start at when a modification occurs.
    <li>Added try...catch blocks around the find/replace methods in the sample projects to catch bad regular expressions that are entered by users.
    <li>Added a Outlining.Refresh method overload to refresh the outlining state of the entire document. This should be called after any Outlining.Clear call. The sample applications have been updated to add the Outlining.Refresh call.
    <li>BREAK: Changed the access level of all semantic parser classes' (SemanticParser and SemanticDefaultParser) members from protected to public.
    <li>Changed base type of ModifierKeys from UInt to Int.
    <li>Tweaked the code that determines which outlining indicator to show on a display line.
    <li>Fixed lexical parsing bug that caused invalid tokens to be formed when a zero-width assertion-only pattern was matched.
    <li>Fixed block indent bug where only the first selected line was indented if the original selection was made in reverse.
    <li>Fixed a bug in which the selection could be moved past the end of a document if the caret was within an open top-level outlining node and was collapsed.
    <li>Fixed a bug with the Token.CustomHighlightingStyle where it would not always take effect until an editor change occurred.
    <li>Fixed a bug with the Token.CustomHighlightingStyle where it would not always clear on tokens that were set with different lexical parse data.
    <li>Added some GDI+ object disposal code in the drawing routines to help prevent any possible memory leaks.
    <li>Added code to load image and icon resources into static variables that are only initialized once.

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