UIStudio 1.0.0026 Maintenance Release

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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for UIStudio is now available. It is highly recommended that customers obtain this new version.

Dock Controls Changes:
  • Added DockGuideStyles.None option to mimic VS.NET 2002/2003 style docking.
  • Changed designer so that it always uses DockGuideStyles.None mode.
  • Added the "Tool Windows..." designer verb to the DockManager and ToolWindow classes, which allows for listing and an alternative way of manipulating tool windows in the designer.
  • Added the TabbedMdiContainerButtonStyle.DropDownAndScrollButtons option, which allows for displaying a drop-down button as well as scroll buttons in the tabbed MDI.
  • Added the DockManager.TabbedMdiSingleTabVisible property, which adds the capability of hiding tabbed MDI tabs when there is only one document visible in a tab group.
  • Added the DockManager.FocusedTabbedMdiWindow property to return the TabbedMdiWindow that currently contains focus.
  • Added the DockManager.ActivateAllInactiveToolWindows method and added a new File menu item in the sample projects to demonstrate it.
  • Added the DrawTabbedMdiContainerBackground method to the IDockRenderer class and updated the renderers to draw borders around each MDI tab group.
  • Changed designer behavior so that dragging a tool window container title bar drags all contained tool windows.
  • Implemented the ability to drag attached (tabbed) tool window tabs while in the designer. This works in VS.NET 2003 and later, but not in VS.NET 2002.
  • Changed code so that the DockManager.HostContainerControl can be changed in designer when there are no tool windows being managed by the DockManager.
  • BREAK: Renamed the DockManager.ToolWindowFromControl method to TabbedMdiWindowFromControl. This enables returning of document windows as well as tool windows.
  • Added the SelectNext and SelectPrevious method to the TabbedMdiContainer class.
  • Changed the default splitter extent to be 4 instead of 5. Updated the sample projects appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab were not cycling documents correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where minimizing a Form with multiple MDI tab groups would resize the tabbed MDI window containers inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging dock controls over tool windows containing ActiveX controls were not registering the tool window as a drop target.
  • Fixed an exception that was raised when using the setter of DockManager.ToolWindowLayoutData.
  • Fixed an exception that was raised when opening a Form that inherits from a From containing a DockManager.
TabStrip Changes:
  • Added the TabStrip.SingleTabVisible property, which adds the capability of hiding tabs when there is only one TabStripPage.
  • Changed TabStripPage so that it has a default Key property when created.
  • Changed TabStrip so that it will not pop up a licensing dialog if created by a DockManager.
NavigationBar Changes:
  • Changed NavigationPane so that it has a default Key property when created.

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