UIStudio 1.0.0027 Maintenance Release

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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for UIStudio is now available that supports the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 release.
  • Changed tool window layout deserialization code so that it will not blow up if no GUID is specified for a tool window.
  • Changed several internal options to help prevent a problem with the designer throwing an exception when multiple UIStudio controls were added to a form in a certain situation.
  • Changed code so that selection events for TabStrip and NavigationBar do not fire when the controls are disposing.
  • Changed tool window title bars in the designer so that the Options button is always visible and the auto-hide and close buttons are always hidden. The reason for this change is that pressing of the auto-hide and close buttons in VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 were crashing VS.NET.
  • Made several changes in the Shared/WinUICore libraries to better support the VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 release.

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