SyntaxEditor 2.5.0155 Maintenance Release

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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for SyntaxEditor has been made available. New features and bug fixes include:
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptTypeMemberFlags.NestedTypes flag that now allows the GetItemReflectionForTypeMembers method to enumerate nested types.
    <li>Updated IntelliPromptTypeMemberFlags.AllMemberTypes flag to include the new NestedTypes flag.
    <li>Added new icons to the reflection ImageList for inner types that support private and protected classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations, and delegates.
    <li>Added items for the new icons and reshuffled some existing items in the IconResource enumeration to keep them in a logical order.
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.Remove method.
    <li>Added the Document.AppendText method.
    <li>Added the EditorView.EnsureVisible method that ensures that the specified offset is visible in the view.
    <li>Added the Enabled property to the BreakpointIndicator class that is capable of drawing a hollow interior breakpoint glyph when it is set to false.
    <li>Changed code so that indentation guides draw if spaces were used for indentation. Previously they only were drawn for tab indentation.
    <li>Changed code so that lines with whitespace characters now draw indentation guides as if the line was empty.
    <li>Changed multi-line indent code so that it intelligently lines up the first non-whitespace characters in each line to its appropriate tabstop.
    <li>Added a lock on the indicator collection of each line when drawing the line.
    <li>Fixed bug where the Plain Text language did not flag the whitespace lexical pattern groups with an IsWhitespace = true.

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