SyntaxEditor 2.5.0158 Maintenance Release

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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release is available that includes numerous small feature enhancements and several bug fixes.
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.CompleteWord method that performs an auto-complete if only a single item is selected using the given offset range, otherwise displays the member list.
    <li>Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.RemoveAt method.
    <li>Added the SyntaxEditor.IntelliPromptMemberListItemDescriptionRequested event to allow for lazy-loading of descriptions for IntelliPrompt member list items.
    <li>Removed the restriction where member list items were only able to be added/removed when member list was not visible.
    <li>Added the ExportStyleSettings and ImportStyleSettings methods to the HighlightingStyleCollection class to allow for exporting/importing user-customized style settings by using an XmlNode.
    <li>Added the Document.AutoLineNumberingBase property, allowing for setting of the line number to use as the base for numbers displayed in the line number margin.
    <li>Added the Document.CaseCorrectText method that allows for programmatic case correction of a range of lines.
    <li>Added code so that changing Document.AutoCaseCorrectEnabled to true repaints the editor if a change was made.
    <li>Added a SemanticJScriptParser class to the sample projects to provide automatic outlining for JScript.
    <li>Added code to Document.ChangeLineModificationMarkColor to repaint the control after it is called.
    <li>Added several new icons to the reflection member list.
    <li>Updated the IntelliPromptMemberList.GetItemReflectionForTypeMembers method to use the new enumeration item icon when appropriate.
    <li>Changed some internal code to prevent an exception due to a timing issue with LostFocus after SyntaxEditor has been disposed.
    <li>Added the IsWhitespace flag to some of the pattern groups for line terminators in the sample languages.
    <li>Changed built-in span indicators so that calls to the GetHighlightingStyle method returned a cached HighlightingStyle instead of creating one each time.
    <li>Changed code so that lines that only end with a carriage return and no line feed will be loaded correctly.
    <li>Removed the built-in CollapsibleTextStyle from automatically being added to each HighlightingStyleCollection. To make it customizable for a language, add it in the Styles tag in the language's definition.
    <li>Added CollapsibleTextStyle entries to several language definitions.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the changing of a CollapsibleTextStyle did not update the color used to draw collapsed text.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the scrollbar maxes did not update when the outlining mode was changed.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the info tip height would not be resized correctly if wrapping of text occurred.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the scroll to caret logic didn't always move the scrollbars appropriately.
    <li>Fixed a bug where the splitting of a view sometimes didn't cause the new view to have the same first visible display line.

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