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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're very happy to announce the release of UIStudio 1.5. UIStudio 1.5 adds some key new features to the dock and TabStrip controls.

New Features
  • Tool window inner-fill mode.
  • Next window navigation feature like in VS.NET 2005 when the Ctrl+Tab key is pressed.
  • Ability to resize floating tool windows at run-time.
  • Updated VS.NET 2005 renderers to match the Beta 2 tab design.
  • Tabs switch selection when performing drag/drop over them.
  • New help topics.
Release History

Every new feature and code change made is documented in the Release History within the Readme file.

How to Upgrade to 1.5

If you are an existing owner of UIStudio and would like to upgrade to 1.5, please log into Customer Relations. If you originally purchased an annual subscription and if it is still active, you can request a free upgrade to 1.5 on the Organization Purchases page in Customer Relations. Simply click the link on that page to request a free upgrade (not available if you are not eligible). We will validate upgrade requests at the end of each day.

If you do not own an annual subscription, you can purchase an upgrade or an upgrade and annual subscription for the amount of developer licenses you own from our secure purchase pages. This will allow you to be licensed for the 1.5 version. We do recommend purchase of an annual subscription since there are more versions planned for the next year.

Upgrades and annual subscriptions can be purchased here.

Once you purchase and download the full 1.5 version, follow the directions in the Licensing FAQ in our Customer Relations site.

If you have any other questions regarding purchasing upgrades, please contact our sales staff.

Enjoy the new version!

Actipro Software Support