Fraud Policy

Actipro Software is committed to preventing and detecting fraud, and prosecuting those who perpetrate it. Credit card fraud includes any attempt to purchase products using false or stolen credit card numbers. It is a crime to perpetrate fraud, and Actipro has numerous mechanisms in place to guard against such activity.

When credit card fraud is detected, Actipro pro-actively submits information regarding the order and purchaser (including IP address) to the proper government agencies (US FBI, Interpol, etc.) for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. We also work with cardholders, credit card companies, and merchant services to pursue fraud offenders.

Human Review of All Orders

We do not automatically charge any credit cards when orders are placed. Instead we manually review each order before accepting funds from the card.

We do this for two reasons: to catch potential ordering issues (incorrect license types, etc.) and to examine each order for potential fraud.

Ordering with Anonymous E-mail Addresses

Since nearly all credit card fraud attempts are placed using anonymous e-mail addresses such as,, etc., we ask that you please place orders using your company e-mail address and not from a "free" e-mail account.

The use of anonymous e-mail addresses when placing orders will cause a delay in the processing of the order as we will be forced to make additional security checks, such as phone calls, etc. to validate the identity of the purchaser.

We Take Credit Card Fraud Seriously

We do our best to protect ourselves and cardholders from credit card fraud attempts. In cases where an order appears like it could be fraud and additional security checks are unable to be made, we may be forced to cancel the order altogether. We will not take chances with questionable orders.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our fraud policy, and see our Policy List to view other Actipro policies.