Subscription Renewal Policy

Many Actipro Software products have subscriptions, generally one year in term, that while active provide the licensee with additional benefits. Benefits may include free upgrades to new product versions, priority support response, and more.

Expiration Reminder E-mails

The month before a subscription is set to expire for a product, Actipro sends a notification e-mail to all users listed on the related organization account. This e-mail notifies them which product subscription is about to expire and gives instructions on how to renew it.

Please make sure that you whitelist the domain on your mail server so that these notifications do not get marked as spam.

Grace Period

Subscription renewals must be placed within 30 days of the previous subscription's renewal date. Failure to renew within this grace period may incur additional charges when renewing later.

Date Alignment

To keep things fair for customers who choose to renew before or after their previous subscription's expiration date, we align all new subscription renewals to the end of the expiring subscription.

For example, if a SyntaxEditor subscription was set to expire on 2024‑07‑06 and you renewed the subscription today (15 days early), we would make the new subscription begin on 2024‑07‑06 and end on 2025‑07‑06.

Thus it is fine to renew a few days before or after your actual expiration date, as the subscription renewal will always align to the end of the expiring subscription.

Pro-Rated Renewals to Sync Dates

Sometimes customers purchase multiple products at different times and they may wish to sync up the subscription end dates for the products they own. In this scenario, we allow customers to contact us to arrange pro-rated discounts on the subscription renewals to get all the subscription to end on the same date.

We fully encourage this as it makes it much easier to track subscriptions.

For example, say you purchased SyntaxEditor six months ago on 2023‑12‑21, and then purchased Wizard today. Also say that you wanted to get the SyntaxEditor subscription in sync with the new Wizard subscription. We would allow you to purchase a SyntaxEditor subscription renewal at half price (since we only need to add six months of subscription), which would then allow both your subscriptions to end on the same date.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our subscription renewal policy, and see our Policy List to view other Actipro policies.