Support Requests Policy

Actipro Software provides timely, top-notch technical support to its customers.

When a support request is for a bug report, first try to reproduce your issue on the latest product maintenance release. We are constantly improving our products and your issue may have already been addressed. If you find that the latest maintenance release still contains the issue, please report it to us.

Support Request Submissions

All support requests should contain information about which product, platform (WPF, UWP, etc.), and exact version you are using. Indicate your operating system, .NET framework version, and system theme if appropriate. Tell us exactly what you expect to see and what is actually happening.

Sample code is highly recommended and can be submitted in one of these forms:

Actipro Sample

If you are able to reproduce the issue in one of our samples without any (or with very minor) code changes, then send us detailed steps on how to make the issue occur.

Code Snippets

If a small code snippet (less than 10 lines) can reproduce the issue, please include that in your request. If a larger code snippet is needed, submit a sample project instead.

Simple Sample Projects

A sample project should be submitted for anything but the simplest issues. The sample project should be a very small project that is created from scratch to show the issue. This way we can see what you are seeing, can debug the issue, and once any related code changes are made, can verify that the issue is resolved.

When you are ready to submit the sample project, ZIP it up (see "Attachments" notes below) and e-mail it along with detailed instructions on how to make the issue occur.


When submitting a sample project via e-mail, please make sure you ZIP up all the files and rename the ".zip" file extension to something else, such as ".piz" ("ZIP"-backwards). Also be sure that there are no ".exe" files present by excluding all "bin" and "obj" folders from the ZIP.

These steps are very important since failure to rename the ".zip" file extension or to remove the "bin"/"obj" folders in the ZIP may result in our mail server rejecting the message.

Response Times

Customers with active product subscriptions are given response priority, however we do our absolute best to always reply to all customer e-mails and support requests within one business day.

If you have contacted us with a message that needs a reply and you have not received a response from us within three business days, please first check your junk mail folder since sometimes a reply from us could have been spam filtered by your mail server or e-mail client. If you do not find a response there, please e-mail us again as we might not have received the message.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our support requests policy, and see our Policy List to view other Actipro policies.