Bars for WinForms

Advanced, customizable docking toolbars, menus, and statusbars

Robust ToolBars and Menus

Actipro Bars is an advanced bar controls implementation that includes docking toolbars, standalone toolbars, popup menus, and statusbars.

The bar controls are based entirely on a command / command link design pattern, allowing for centralized command updates to filter through to every instance of a related command link in the user interface. This also facilitates complete run-time customization support for the end-user, similar to the features found in products like Visual Studio.

Keyboard shortcuts have all the features found in Visual Studio, such as single-key shortcuts, chord shortcuts, the ability to be recognized only in certain application modes, and more. Bar layouts can be serialized to a file or stream and later reloaded to restore all the same layout and customization states. Powerful designer support allows you to design and manipulate the bar controls in the designer, and then serialize the layout to code for when the application is executed in run-time mode.