Navigation for WPF

Bundle of NavigationBar, ExplorerBar, ZoomContentControl, and Breadcrumb controls

Easy UI Navigation and Organization

Actipro Navigation is a control suite that includes several controls and styles that can be used to organize your user interface, making it easier for your end-users to understand and use.

NavigationBar is a control that implements navigation bar features found in Outlook, such as complete end user customization, layout save/load, minimization to both left and right sides, and much more.

ExplorerBar is an implementation of the task bar that was introduced in Windows XP's explorer. Each expander pane uses smooth animation to fade in and slide down its contents when expanded.

Breadcrumb provides all the functionality found in Windows Vista/7's explorer address bar control and more. Use it to conserve screen real estate when navigating through any sort of hierarchical data, such as file systems.

ZoomContentControl allows any content to be interactively zoomed and scrolled using customizable mouse and keyboard behaviors. Includes an optional built-in view control pane, which can be used to zoom or pan the content and collapsed when not needed. Numerous methods, properties, and commands are provided which can be used to programmatically zoom/pan the display.