Themes for WPF

Over 25 stunning WPF themes bundled with enhanced native control styles

  • Consistent app-wide theming of both Actipro and native controls
  • Robust architecture that promotes customization and reuse
  • Included free with the purchase of any Actipro WPF control products

Actipro Themes ensures that a great consistent visual appearance is applied to all controls within your application, regardless of whether they are Actipro control products or native WPF controls.

Included Themes

Actipro Themes includes over 25 professionally-designed themes, including all system themes, Office themes, and Metro themes.

Metro Light

Metro Light

The default Metro theme used for Windows 10.

Metro Light (Accented)

Metro Light (Accented)

Seven window title area color-accented variants.

Metro Dark

Metro Dark

A dark variant of the Metro theme.

Metro White

Metro White

A pure white variant of the Metro theme.

Metro White (Accented)

Metro White (Accented)

Seven state color-accented variants.



The Windows Aero theme, popular in Windows 7.

Office Black

Office Black

An Office black theme.

Office Blue

Office Blue

An Office blue theme.

Office Silver

Office Silver

An Office silver theme.

... and several others!

Native Control Theming

Styles and templates for all native WPF controls with a more modernized appearance are included, and mesh perfectly with Actipro's custom control products.

Native and Actipro control theming
An Aero-themed application that uses Actipro Themes for both native (e.g. Menu, ToolBar, TextBox) and Actipro controls

Application-Wide Themes

The current theme can be set via a single property on the Actipro theme manager. When changed, the entire application will shift to render in the new theme, optionally including native WPF controls too.

Visual Consistency

Actipro Themes uses the same common asset (brush, thickness, etc.) pool for its native WPF control styles and custom control styles. Thus no matter which native or Actipro controls you use together, the appearance will consistently look great.

Enhanced Templates

Some common controls like scrollbars and buttons will resemble their defaults for system themes. In other cases, such as with menus, toolbars, and list highlights we’ve reimagined their appearance with more modernized designs.


The Actipro Themes architecture is designed to easily support customizable application-wide themes.

Window Chrome

A regular WPF window with the Metro theme and window chrome applied to give it a modern UI appearance

Actipro Themes includes a special class that is capable of rendering a WPF Window in a custom rendered chrome style that matches the current theme, similar to Visual Studio and Office.

Common Asset Pool

Actipro Themes consolidates all brush, thickness, etc. assets into a common pool that contains over 800 distinct asset resources for each theme, everything from the background of a menu item in hover state to button padding thickness.

Reusing Assets

The hundreds of assets in the common asset pool are designed to be reusable in your applications. They can all be accessed with a simple resource key reference.

Redefining Assets

It’s easy to redefine individual assets if you don’t like the pre-defined defaults. The redefined assets can flow into all Actipro and native controls in your application.

Tinting Themes

Each of the hundreds of brush assets for each theme have been categorized into numerous tint groups. With just a few lines of code, an entire theme's tint groups can be tinted towards various colors.

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