Icons Metro Elements

A bundle of over 1,700 Office 2016-style overlay elements that can be merged with other icons

Actipro Icons Metro Elements are overlays like simple adornments or representations of various states/actions that can be combined with any other custom or third-party icon to give new meaning to the icon.

The icons are royalty-free, are designed to fit the Metro (Office 2016) style, and pair wonderfully with the Actipro Icons Metro Essentials bundle.

When counting the size and and format variations of each design, there are over 1,700 pixel-perfect images included in the bundle.

How elements work
Combine existing icons with elements to build an icon with a new meaning

Set Preview

Multiple Sizes

Many elements come in multiple sizes, everything from 16x16 up to 64x64. The largest elements are intended to be combined in the corners of normal full 64x64 icons, while the smallest elements are made for use with 16x16 icons.

Multiple sizes
Elements come in multiple sizes, allowing you to select appropriately-sized elements for your icon customizations.

Design Variety

32x32 size elements
A partial assortment of 32x32 size elements that shows the variety of icon designs.

Note: The preview images above contain gray watermark lines for copy protection. The gray lines are not included in the purchased product.

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The best way to learn about our professionally-designed icons is to download a free sampler. The sampler includes a selection of sample icons to show sizes and quality.

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