SyntaxEditor 3.0.0183 Maintenance Release

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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new SyntaxEditor maintenance release is now available. Updates include:
  • Added the capability of indicators to use highlighting styles with a Color.Empty ForeColor, thereby allowing for the token text to be drawn using its own higlighting style ForeColor.
  • Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.MatchBasedOnItemPreText property to control whether typed text matches an item's auto-complete pre-text or the item's text.
  • Added setters to the AutoCompletePreText and AutoCompletePostText properties of the IntelliPromptMemberListItem class.
  • Added the AllowZeroLength and Document properties to the SpanIndicator class.
  • Added the InsertCodeSnippetTemplate and UpdateCodeSnippetTemplateFields values to the DocumentModificationType enumeration.
  • Added the Folder member to the IconResource enumeration.
  • Added a workaround for the .NET 2.0 bug where popup Forms cannot be made smaller than 123x34 size.
  • Adjusted the default color used for line modification marking.
  • Adjusted undo code so that the ending of an empty undo group does not insert an entry onto the undo stack.
  • Adjusted the background drawing order of lines so that line background colors override language background colors.
  • Changed Ctrl+Click behavior so that when over an existing selection, drag/drop mode starts immediately without selecting a word.
  • BREAK: Removed the setter for the SyntaxEditor.ReflectionImageList property and changed the getter so it recreates the ImageList on each call. Cache it in your application for repeated use.
  • BREAK: Removed the SyntaxEditor.ResetReflectionImageList method.
  • Fixed a bug where the ContextMenuRequest event would fire when right-clicking on a ScrollBar.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tab and Enter keys were not firing key-press triggers.
  • Fixed a bug where the FirstVisibleDisplayLineIndex property wasn't updated by the time the ViewVerticalScroll event fired in a certain situation and same with the related horizontal scroll event.
  • Profiled SyntaxEditor to help eliminate any memory that was still in use after the control was disposed.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries to help remove several static objects from various classes.

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