A huge new version of DockableWindow and TabStripPanel has just been made available. In summary, tool window auto-hide and dockable tabbed MDI document windows are added, along with other new features.

This is the list of major additions/changes:

<li>Added dockable tabbed MDI document support.
<li>Added auto-hide features for tool windows.
<li>Added a ToolWindowActivated event
<li>Added hooks for producing custom context menus (InitMenuItem event was removed, ShowContextMenu event was added).
<li>Changed tool bar captions to use rounded corners.
<li>Added a property to set the color of the workspace.
<li>Modified splitters and drag windows to use a checker pattern.
<li>Added a Save command to the editor.
<li>Added tooltip support to document windows.
<li>Added an exception that is thrown if a tool window child control name is found on two or more controls on the parent Form.
<li>Fixed bug that improperly raised the deactivate events when restoring a top-level window.
<li>Changed DWToolWindow.Parent to return type IDWProgrammaticWindowDockTarget.
<li>DWToolWindow.Floating property removed and changed to State.
<li>Added events to allow for reading and writing custom XML data into layout files.
<li>Enhanced test application with features like MDI, auto-hide, a web browser sample, and more.
<li>Added tooltip support for tab items.
<li>Added a Reselect event for when a selected tab is re-selected.
<li>Can set maximum length of tab items.
<li>Fixed bug where the cursor was reset to the default when the control was opened in design mode.

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