DockableWindow/TabStripPanel 2.00.0184 Maintenance Release

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Posted 22 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release of DockableWindow and TabStripPanel was uploaded to our site on 9/11/02. Changes include:

    <li>Can now drag and drop to reorder tabs in a ToolWindowContainer.
    <li>Added the RequireUniqueNamesForChildControls property which controls whether an exception is raised when duplicate named child controls are found on the parent Form.
    <li>Added the ToolWindowDocumentAreaStateChange event to notify when a tool window enters or exits the MDI area.
    <li>Added the PreferredWidth and PreferredHeight properties of DWDocumentContainer objects to aid in programmatically controlling their size.
    <li>Fixed bug that kept close button on TopLevelForm objects when ShowToolWindowUI was false.
    <li>Fixed bug that undocked attached tool windows when a close button was sometimes clicked fast.
    <li>Fixed bug that was sometimes causing tool window previous dock positions to be inaccurate.
    <li>Fixed bug that sometimes caused redocked tool windows from a hidden state to have inaccurate sizes.
    <li>Can set minimum length of tab items.

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