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Posted 15 years ago by karl - Senior Software Architect, Shelltools, LLC
i'm using syntax editor 3.1.203 (and just downloaded and tried 3.1.204, and i've come across a possible bug

IntelliPromptMemberList mems = editor.IntelliPrompt.MemberList;
string mine = "hello";

mems.AddReflectionForTypeMembers(mine.GetType(), IntelliPromptTypeMemberFlags.Methods | IntelliPromptTypeMemberFlags.Properties);

the messagebox shows 0.. there are NO methods or properties added. and i've tried this on a variety of types.

this (as well as the code in your C# example, fails. it seems this method always returned no members.
its just hte other namespacewithtypes that returns values, which works godo for types, static members and the like, but i really need to be able to get the methods and properties of a known type. I'm wondering if this is a bug or whether i just don't understand the control well enough.

I just love the control, you guys have done such a good job, especially in thinking out the class hyrachies and relationships..


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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi Karl,

Check out the documentation topic "SyntaxEditor General Features / IntelliPrompt Member List" in the "Using the AddReflectionForTypeMembers Helper Method" section. That describes the types of flags that must be specified for you to get results.

I can see that you are not specifying an access level flag or instance/static flag in your sample above. That will resolve the problem.

Actipro Software Support

Posted 15 years ago by karl - Senior Software Architect, Shelltools, LLC
sorry for wasting your time, i had deleted the static flag (figuring the Method, Property flags would be enough and i didn't want static stuff in that case.)

my bad.
The latest build of this product (v21.1.0) was released 20 days ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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