UIStudio 2.0.0070 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for UIStudio is now available. Changes include:
  • Added setters to the ChordKey and Key properties of the BarKeyboardShortcutTextBox class.
  • Added a Flush call to the XmlWriter that saves bar layout XML files.
  • Tweaked how focus is handled in bar custom controls.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips would not display for links that were showing text.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of dockable toolbars created in the designer would sometimes reorder at run-time.
  • Added a Flush call to the XmlWriter that saves tool window layout XML files.
  • Tweaked how the focus is moved to tool windows that undock.
  • Tweaked how the drag-start code works for tool window title bar drags.
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a tab in a TabStrip did not always initially lay out the tabs in the correct order.
  • Fixed a bug where a DockManager using an MDI child form as a host container control will sometimes arrange the tool windows inappropriately when the parent MDI form is minimized.
  • Fixed a bug that could throw an exception in a certain situation when using the context menu's Auto-Hide command on a ToolWindowContainer.
  • Made a tweak to multiple renderers to fix a default value bug with the ResetAllPropertiesOnSystemColorChange property.
  • Installer updated and assemblies now compiled natively for both .NET 2.0 and .NET 1.1 frameworks.

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