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Posted 18 years ago by Dong JIA
Hi all,
I met a problem with SquiggleLineIndicator. Please help me.
The code looks like:
SquiggleLineIndicator ^indicator = gcnew SquiggleLineIndicator(gcnew String("ErrorIndicator"), 1, Color::Red);
Token ^token = tb->Document->Tokens->GetTokenAtOffset(tb->Document->PositionToOffset(
*gcnew Position(lineNum -1, colNum-1)));
tb->Document->Indicators->Add(indicator, token->StartOffset, token->Length);
When token is single character, the indicator is missing. :(

Then I changed code to:
tb->Document->Indicators->Add(indicator, token->StartOffset, token->Length + 1);
In most times, it works well. But when token is on the end of line, it will raise an error(out of scope).

Could anybody please tell me why or give me a workaround?
Any suggestions are welcome.

The REASON is: the font I choice is too thin to see the the SquiggleLine. After I changed the font, everything is OK now.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

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