UIStudio 2.0.0073 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio maintenance release is now available. Changes include:
  • Added the BarManager.SetAsBaselineLayout method, allowing for the flagging of a baseline layout when saving differential layouts. This method should only be used if you programmatically generate your layout instead of using the designer.
  • Added a "Close All But This" menu item to the MDI context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the AutoUpdateCheckGroups feature for a BarCommand didn't update the owner BarManager when the BarCommand was merged into another BarManager's toolbars.
  • Added the DockManager.CloseAllButSelectedActiveDocuments method.
  • Added the TabbedMdiWindowContextMenuEventArgs.DefaultContextMenu property which contains the ContextMenu that will be displayed if the context menu event is not cancelled.
  • Added the CloseAllButThis item to the TabbedMdiWindowContextMenuItemType enumeration.
  • Adjusted TabStrip renderer drawing when in high contrast themes.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden tool windows didn't store their last state in a tool window layout.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-hide tool windows that were programmatically activated would have suspended layouts while displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where focus would not be set appropriately to a document window when its tab was clicked.
  • Fixed a bug where a tool window that used to be in auto-hide mode but now is docked would hide when another auto-hide window was displayed and a couple other conditions were present.
  • Adjusted dispose code in the various controls and updated BarManager and DockManager to be automatically disposed when their parent Form's are (via a new constructor that ties them to an IContainer in the designer).
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.

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