SyntaxEditor 4.0.0234 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A great new maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. Updates include:

SyntaxEditor Control
  • Added the HeaderText and FooterText properties to the Document class. These text fragments, if specified, are combined with the Document.Text when sending code to the semantic parser service. This allows the editing of code fragments (such as a C# method body) with full IntelliPrompt of "surrounding" header/footer code.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.UnicodeEnabled property which defaults to true. If set to false, document loading/rendering speed will be increased however it should only be set to false if ASCII characters are used (0-255).
  • Added the Code Fragments QuickStart.
  • Added the Document.AutoCaseCorrectOnlyOnModification property, which controls whether auto case correction only occurs after a modification takes place.
  • Added the OutliningIndicatorForeColor and OutliningIndicatorBackColor properties to the SyntaxEditorRenderer class.
  • Tweaked the member list item tooltips so they don't hide and redisplay when moving the caret if no member list selection change is made.
  • Updated a couple of the sample dynamic language codebehind classes to fix an exception that occurred with them when creating manual outlining nodes.
  • Fixed a bug with the parameter info tip where delimiter characters that were in strings or comments were being interpreted as delimiters.
  • Fixed a bug where auto case correction was not updating properly on multi-line modifications.
  • Fixed a bug where the caret would not always stop blinking when the parent Form was deactivated by clicking on another Form in the Windows taskbar.
  • Fixed a bug where word wrap would not work when printing if certain non-print-related properties were set to certain values.
  • Fixed a bug where the horizontal scrollbar maximum/enabled states weren't always updated appropriately in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off and back on the Document.LineModificationMarkingEnabled property would reset the undo stack in a way that undoing all subsequent document modifications would not set the Document.Modified property back to false.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Redesigned some of the reflection cache format, allowing for smaller reflection cache files.
  • Fixed a bug where loading an external reference that had a generic type with a generic type argument containing a constraint of the generic type caused a stack overflow.
  • Fixed a bug in the C# semantic parser where attributes weren't being parsed correctly when applied past the first parameter in a formal parameter list.
  • Fixed a bug where IntelliPrompt did not work properly on enumeration members defined in code.

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