UIStudio 2.0.0074 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio maintenance release is now available with a bunch of great new features:

Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Enhanced Ctrl+Tab navigation so that when using keyboard shortcuts to navigate between document and tool windows, it remembers the order in which you last accessed each window and goes to them in reverse order. This is how Visual Studio works.
  • Enhanced document close code so that when the selected document is closed, the previously selected document is activated.
  • Added the Initializing, Activating, Activated, Closing, and Closed events and related OnXXX methods to the TabbedMdiWindow class.
  • Added the TabbedMdiWindowCloseReason enumeration.
  • Added an overload to TabbedMdiWindow.Close that accepts a TabbedMdiWindowCloseReason parameter.
  • Added overloads to the CloseAllActiveDocuments, CloseAllActiveToolWindows, and CloseAllButSelectedActiveDocuments methods of the DockManager class that accept a TabbedMdiWindowCloseReason parameter.
  • Added the TabbedMdiWindowClosingEventArgs.Reason property, which indicates why the window is being closed in the DockManager.WindowClosing event.
  • Added the TabbedMdiWindowClosingEventArgs class and TabbedMdiWindowClosingEventHandler delegate.
  • BREAK: Changed the DockManager.WindowClosing event so that it uses the new TabbedMdiWindowClosingEventHandler delegate.
  • Added the TabStrip.KeyboardNavigationEnabled property that controls whether Ctrl+Tab keyboard navigation between pages is enabled. The default value is false.
  • Added the TabStripTabTextStringTrimming property to many of the TabStripRenderer classes.
  • Changed default code of document window TabStrip renderers to draw text items with path ellipses instead of character ellipses.
  • Fixed a bug where a tool window would briefly draw a gray box when transitioning from auto-hide to docked state in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug that raised an exception in a certain dispose situation.
  • Fixed a bug where if a tool window had focus before a layout was loaded and by the layout it was placed in auto-hide mode, an exception would occur when the mouse was hovered over the auto-hide tab.
  • Fixed a bug where tool windows that were auto-hidden in an attached group in the designer did not restore to docked state in the same attached group when pinned at run-time.
  • BREAK: Changed DockManager so that it no longer implements ICommandTarget since that functionality wasn't being used.
  • Updated the SelectPrevious and SelectNext methods of TabStrip so that they ignore non-Active TabStripPages.
Bar Controls
  • Fixed a bug where a drop-down list BarCombobox would draw long text over the drop-down arrow part of the link.
  • Make some tweaks to the Bar controls to fix a memory leak with popup forums.
  • Updated licensing code to check 64-bit machine registry keys.

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