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Posted 22 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're pleased to announce the release of Wizard version 1.4. Please note that this version makes a couple interface changes that will break any code that was designed for a previous version of Wizard. However changing to the new interfaces should not require much work at all.

The changes include:
    <li>Changed BackButtonClick, BeforePageSelect, and NextButtonClick events to use a WizardPageCancelEventArgs so that page validation routines can cancel and change page switching.
    <li>All events that use WizardPageCancelEventArgs can now know what page is about to be selected.
    <li>Added FinishButtonDistinct property to support both a Next and Finish button on the same page. Made a number of other enhancements to support this new architecture.
    <li>Made WizardPage.HasFinishButton property obsolete. The FinishButtonEnabled and NextButtonEnabled properties should be used instead to provide the same functionality.
    <li>Added the ButtonFlatStyle property to set button flat styles.
    <li>Added ButtonBackColor properties for each wizard button.
    <li>Added ButtonMouseEnter and ButtonMouseLeave events to notify of mouse movement over buttons.
    <li>Added a PaintHeader event for header custom draw.
    <li>Created a workaround for the VS.NET bug that sometimes disabled commands and prevented the wizard control from being moved when a welcome page was used.
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