UIStudio 2.0.0076 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Added the DockManager.MultipleTabbedMdiGroupsEnabled property, which controls whether features are available to the end user that let them create new tabbed MDI groups.
  • Added the DockManager.TabbedMdiWindowsInsertAtEnd property, which controls whether new tabbed MDI documents open at the beginning of the current tab group or at the end.
  • Added the DockManager.AutoHideShowOnMouseHover property, which controls whether to show auto-hidden tool windows when the mouse hovers over their tabs.
  • Made some code changes to improve performance when using a lot of pages in a TabStrip.
Bar Controls
  • Tweaked popup form code.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous maintenance release where the use of multiple BarManagers might send menu command click events to the wrong BarManager in a certain scenario.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.
  • Added digital code-signing of all assemblies.

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