SyntaxEditor 4.0.0235 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new SyntaxEditor maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

SyntaxEditor Control
  • Added the HorizontalScrollBarMaximum and VerticalScrollBarMaximum properties to the EditorView class.
  • Added the IntelliPromptQuickInfo.CollapsedOutliningNodeMaximumCharacterCount property to control the maximum number of characters that may appear in a collapsed node tooltip.
  • BREAK: Changed the member list so that all Unicode letter and digit characters are automatically allows to be typed while the list is open. Non-letter/digit characters only should be added to the IntelliPromptMemberList.AllowedCharacters collection, which now defaults to the underscore character.
  • Updated the SimpleSyntaxLanguage example so that it performs bolding of the current parameter in parameter info tips.
  • Added functionality to the Grammar Designer so that when errors occur, the caret attempts to move to the non-terminal that contained the error.
  • Added "Go to Definition" functionality to the Grammar Designer.
  • Improved several error messages made by the parser generator to give some more detail.
  • Updated the sample projects so that many of the dynamic language code-behind classes support line commenting.
  • Fixed a bug with dynamic languages where reopening a Form that contained a DynamicSyntaxLanguage instance in the tray could throw an exception dealing with whether the language is secure.
  • Fixed a bug with outlining dynamic languages where in a certain scenario, deleting a range of characters would not remove an outlining node that is no longer valid.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception occurred in a certain situation when a mouse leave event fired during a dispose call.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception occurred in a certain situation when lexical parsing was off and the entire document text was deleted.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added the SyntaxEditorIntelliPromptMemberListPreFilter event and OnSyntaxEditorIntelliPromptMemberListPreFilter method to the DotNetSyntaxLanguage class, allowing for the pre-filtering of member list items before they are displayed. This may be used to add or remove member list items before the member list is displayed.
  • Added the IntelliPromptMemberListPreFilterEventArgs class and IntelliPromptMemberListPreFilterEventHandler delegate.
  • Added a documentation topic on member list pre-filtering.
  • Added the IDomType.GetInterfaces method that returns the interfaces implemented by the type.
  • Fixed a bug in the auto-indent code where pressing Enter at the start of keywords in a certain situation caused an extra indent level.
  • Fixed a bug where member lists didn't show inherited interface members when the target type was defined as an interface.
  • Fixed a bug where member lists didn't show when after the 'new' keyword and in a type declaration scope.
  • Fixed a bug where the member list displayed after the 'new' keyword didn't display types in the global namespace.
  • Fixed a bug where nested types weren't displaying in a 'typeof' member list.
  • Fixed a bug where protected members would sometimes show up in a member list in a certain scenario where they should not be listed.
  • Updated the Shared/WinUICore libraries.
  • Added digital code-signing of all assemblies.

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