WinForms Controls 2012.1 Released

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Posted 12 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of all Windows Forms controls has been released.

Release Notes

This new version aligns our Windows Forms controls similar to how our WPF and Silverlight products are, in terms of licensing, distribution, documentation, samples, build process, and more.  Instead of the WinForms controls being distributed separately as before, they have been combined into a single WinForms platform download.

The new version now supports "client profile" since all VS designer functionality has been moved out to separate .Design assemblies.  .NET 3.5 is now the minimum required framework version (4.0+ are supported with this release too).  Visual Studio 2010 and 2008 sample projects are included.

What was formerly called UIStudio is no more, as it has been split into separate Bars, Docking/MDI, and Navigation products.  Each of these can be purchased individually or as part of a new optional WinForms Studio bundle.

The former WinUICore assembly has been merged with the Shared library into a single Shared library.

Other than the assembly name differences and .NET 3.5 or later framework requirement, we left nearly all of the namespaces and type names the same to allow for easy upgrading to this new version.  Thus the Bar, Docking/MDI, and Navigation products will still be in namespaces that contain the terms UIStudio.


Any customer who has an active subscription for a pre-2012.1 WinForms control version should email our sales address so that we can give you a free upgrade to the related 2012.1 version.  Unfortunately due to how we restructured our WinForms product line to be more like WPF/Silverlight, the click-to-upgrade feature of our site doesn't work this scenario and thus, it must be done manually by us at this time.

For WinForms customers who own licenses for a pre-2012.1 WinForms control and the subscription has expired, but you'd like to upgrade to 2012.1, contact us for some special upgrade pricing options.  A blog post should appear soon with more detail as well.

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