Wizard (for WPF) 1.0.0300 Released - First WPF Control

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're very happy to be one of the first control vendors to publish a commercial control targeting the new Windows Presentation Foundation that is part of .NET 3.0!

The control we've built is a WPF version of our wizard dialog-building control that was very popular for Windows Forms.

But don't just think that this is a straight copy of old functionality. Sure we've taken all the great features that make Wizard (for Windows Forms) 3.0 so successful and implemented them in our WPF control wherever possible. But we've also embraced the WPF framework and used all the new design methodologies and features it makes available.

So what's new?

The best way to see is to visit the product page or try a live XBAP demo in your browser if you have .NET 3.0 installed. Better yet, download an evaluation.

But to sum up, now that we are using the WPF framework, we have added a slew of new navigation options, a built-in command pattern implementation that can be applied to any button or link, animated page transition effects, theming via custom styles, the ability to override templates and add your own controls anywhere in the wizard, automatic layout, right-to-left layout, UI automation, and much more.

In addition to features, we've written extremely thorough documentation and provide a sample project that shows nearly every feature of the Wizard control.


Download an evaluation to try out the control and see how easy it is to build a Wizard in XAML.

Upgrading from Wizard (for Windows Forms) 3.0

If you are an existing customer of Wizard 3.0, the Windows Forms version of this control, we've made a special offer allowing you to upgrade to the WPF version.

Those customers who own an active Wizard 3.0 annual subscription can get an upgrade to the WPF version for free. We hope to update our website soon to add a link on your Organization Purchases page for this but in the meantime, just send us an e-mail if you qualify.

Those customers who own a Wizard 3.0 license but no subscription and would like to get the WPF version, you can do so at the much cheaper upgrade pricing.

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