Multple toolwindows inside the single toolWindow

Posted 6 years ago by Avatar keshav bansal


How to set the multiple toolwindows inside the single toolwindow like the tabbedMdiHost consist of TabbedMdiContainer and  that consist of multiple toolwindows.

Suppose i have one  ToolwindowContainer in my docksite and that container consist of three toolwindows(toolwindow1,toolwindow2,toolwindow3)

I should be able to drag any of the toolwindow from the container and and should be able to drag the whole contaier using the titlebar of the container As like i am able to drag the complete  tabbedmdicontainer using the title bar of that container and also any of the toolwindow in that container.

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

I assume this is a Prism question.  If you look at our Prism Docking sample, you can see in the classes like SolutionExplorerToolItemViewModel, they have an Open method that handles docking that tool window with others that it should share a tool window container with.  Same thing for ClassViewToolItemViewModel.

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